Big Daddy: Celestial Conversations XI

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Me: Hello?
SecretaryOfGod: Hello?
Me: Ah. Decided to log on as yourself, did you?
SecretaryOfGod: Hello?
Me: Hello?
SecretaryOfGod: Hello?
Me: Who is this?
SecretaryOfGod: Hello?
Me: This is crazy!
SecretaryOfGod: 2 + 2 = 4
Me: Am I in the right chat room here?
SecretaryOfGod: Who are you?
Me: I'm a programmer. I'm trying to write God a Search Engine. Who are you?
SecretaryOfGod: My name is Pinky.
Me: Eh?
SecretaryOfGod: Eh?
Me: Oh, don't start that again. What are you doing here?
SecretaryOfGod: Daddy has gone to get me some ice cream.
Me: Oh. How old are you?
SecretaryOfGod: I am six years old.
Me: And the Secretary of God is your father?
SecretaryOfGod: Daddy is my father!
Me: Right, right.
SecretaryOfGod: I told Daddy I want Strawberry Ice cream.
Me: Very nice. And who is your Daddy?
SecretaryOfGod: My Daddy is my Daddy, dumbo.
Me: Of course, of course. But what is his name?
SecretaryOfGod: I think his name is Boss.
Me: Boss?
SecretaryOfGod: You know that uncle who uses this computer?
Me: God's secretary? So he's not your father?
SecretaryOfGod: No, dumbo. I told you na, Daddy is my father.
Me: So who is Boss?
SecretaryOfGod: I think you are very dumb. That uncle who uses this computer calls my Daddy Boss.
Me: Boss?
SecretaryOfGod: Yes. But I call him Daddy. Everyone says, you know, Our Father who is in heaven, but I just call him Daddy.
Me: Oh. So I'm speaking to the son of God?
SecretaryOfGod: Stupid! I am Pinky! I don't want to talk to you anymore. Bye.
Me: Oh, ok. Bye.

[SecretaryOfGod has logged out]

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