Single women and Google

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Yet another year goes by, and I'm still just as single. Every year on Valentine's Day, I have well-wishers telling me, "Don't worry, next year, you'll definitely have a Valentine." It seems to me, to be a perfect case of 'Tomorrow Never Comes'.

So, the search goes on.

And when you say the word "Search", how can you not think of Google. On an impulse, today, I keyed in the following into my Google Search Bar: single woman interested in me

I got about "about 939,000" results. Ha!

Result # 1, was: Russian Women - Mail Order Brides

What's the return policy on these?

Result # 4, was: What are Single Women Interested In

There's a website about this? I have a simple one line answer for you. "Not me."

Result # 6, was: How to Tell if a Woman is Interested in You

The author of this particular reason has obviously never met a woman in his life. Let me pick out a few examples of things he says are an indication that the woman is interested in you.

1. Big smiles with upper and lower teeth showing with a relaxed face.

I knew it! Aishwarya Rai loves me! I knew it! And so does Sharapova!

6. She starts sitting straight up and her muscles appear to be firm.


10. She blows smoke straight out from between her lips and towards you.

So smoking is now a good thing?

12. She exposes the palms of her hand facing you.

Right before she slaps me, you mean?

Result # 8: What Women Hate Most About Single Guys

The article helpfully points out that: For women, friendships and romantic relationships are two separate things. They are NOT the same.

I'm twenty-six years old. You're telling me?!

Result # 10: Jobs in Japan


Could someone please point me to the nearest Japanese consulate?


LeAnne said...

Just accidentally came across your blog. You searching for "women interested in me" and your results just cracked me up. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Addu, Funny stuff !

-Your friend from TSEC and ROC

Nimbus said...

The brains behind Google must be SO proud of its numerous uses.. *ahem*

Your blog totally cracked me up :) Keep them coming!

Cykedelyk said...

Gosh! Cant stop laughing.

Still coming back to dig through your site. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ah Men! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. But on the brighter side, your blog did crack me up! BIG HINT-(in the pursuit of women) Nothing better than a sense of humor! Unfortunately majority men think the appeal lies in their six pack abs. Nope! Women are more intellectually drawn, atleast the ones worth pursuing are.

Anonymous said...

very funny stuff!! still have to go thru your rest of the posts

Vikram said...

faaaak dude, i'm one year away from 26 - i hope i have better luck than you!

:D good blog!

indiechick: ya rite ha ha "Nothing better than a sense of humor" HA HA sure... here's an old quote I remember:

No one wants to be a comedian. The girls all laugh at your jokes and then walk off with the good looking guys.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious buddy
Couldnt stop laughing. I must say I am in same situation as you are in. Almost 26, no sign of a life partner yet

Happy searching

Shrinivas said...

It was funny reading ur blogs...was searching like this one for long...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was surfing today your blogs gave me the pep to get my day started.
That's some funny stuff

Kunju said...

I split my sides laughing reading ur articles (esp the ones on women ;)Indeed true..
Just keep 'em coming

Rihana said...

I just found your Blog while randomly searching Google & I must say you write pretty good things :)
&& U appear quite interesting as well that makes me wanna wonder why are you still single ? :P