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I ask you, when women meet me, is there something written on my face which shouts, "I'm dying for you to tell me that you're getting married very soon?"

Honestly. Pretty girls come up to me gushing about how they loved my story and that they are going to show it to their boyfriend/fiance/husband. "Oh, didn't you know? I'm getting married next month." I mean do I really have to be the first person to know?

Or is it just me?

I seem to attract non-single women like a magnet. And if they are single the first time I am introduced to them, they definitely are not by the second time. It's like I bring them luck or something. The number of female friends who've invited me to their weddings, must be a world record. I must have been St Valentine in a previous life. There is no other explanation.

Picture this:

Day 1:
Me: Hi, I'm Rajesh.
She: I'm Shirley Temple.
Me: Shirley Temple? What a nice name. Is that Miss or Mrs?
She: (smiles or blushes) Miss. As in unattached.
Me: Really? Do single beautiful women still exist in this world?

Day 2:
Me: I'm going to have coffee. Do you want to join me?
She: Sure. I'll also call Humphrey Bogart.
Me: Who's that?
She: My fiance.
Me: Your what?
She: Oh, didn't you know? I'm getting married next month.
Me: But yesterday you said you were unattached.
She: Oh, he proposed yesterday, and I accepted today morning.

And this is not fiction. It's the tragedy of my life.

There must be something about me that drives women to get hitched as soon as they possibly can. To anyone but me, though.


Anonymous said...

You write REALLY well!!!!!
very funny!

ammani said...

Awww Rajesh, that is a sad love story indeed. Wonder why I'm smiling then ;)

Rajesh J Advani said...

ds: Thanks!

ammani: It is quite sad isn't it? :D

Kusum Rohra said...

Okie i think we should meet ASAP, as i could really use the luck you bring to single women :)

Ruchi Bhatia said...

vat about role reversal ....
for a change...
how abt i becoming the lady luck for u..??