Random thoughts: Elmo vs RJA

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I visited my colleague's house again on Friday. Her daughter (she's 23, not 20, by the way) was quite glad to see me, again. She kept talking to me in gibberish from the minute she saw me, and jumping around the room on her matchbox-sized feet. The word sweet doesn't do justice to her.

My joy was short-lived, though. She dumped me for Elmo soon after. I guess it's hard for a 26-year-old guy in a suit to compete with a red furry monster with a girl's voice. *sigh*

(Observation for the day: If you have a cup of hot - and I mean scalding hot - soup in your hand, and the cup contains a stirrer that you put in it to keep the instant soup mix from settling to the bottom of the cup, try to remember that the stirrer is not a thin straw, even though it functions pretty well as one. Because that's not why you put it there. And scalding hot liquid rushing through a thin plastic cylinder to the middle of your tongue... I think you get the idea.

Do you think it's okay to put burn ointment on your tongue?

Ppppppppffffffttt. Yuck. I think not.)

Of Samsonite and The Lylah

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Apparently, Samsonite makes Tripods for cameras. I know, coz a close friend recently bought one cheap.

(Yes, that's the only reason I have the word 'Samsonite' in the title of this blog. So sue me. Picking a title for a blog is no easy task. And it's easier to talk about Samsonite, rather than Sam's Son. Ok? So there)

We had our first snow Monday. Was pretty cool. Not for drivers, but we've got a cool view from the office. So was it nice to watch the snow settle on the firs outside.

Went to a colleague's house for dinner too, that day. It's nice to eat desi homemade food when you don't have cook it. But having to watch Sun TV, on the other side of the planet from Chennai, isn't. And I'm not really interested in knowing that some chap who looks like the son of your local paan-ki-dukaan-waala (Indian road-side tobacconist) married Rajnikant's daughter last month. So I guess Rajnikant's daughter now looks like the daughter-in-law of your local paan-ki-dukaan-waala.

And as if Sun TV itself isn't enough, I had to watch this 14-year-old female called Lylah play coy when the 25-something hero of the movie danced around her. I also had to fend off the question "Don't you think she's good looking?" while I was being fed Puris (a deep-fried Indian bread item). Choking on Puris isn't a very nice experience, let me tell you. Of course, being treated to a second glass of Badam Milk (Almond flavoured milk) is. But did they really expect me to believe that this Lylah's married and has two kids?

Speaking of kids, my colleague's got two children too. The younger one is a girl. She's 20. Fell for me instantly. I guess it must be the glasses. She probably couldn't resist a man with metal on his nose. She was all over me, all evening.

Of course, I know it won't last. Women tend to change their opinion about me past the age of 36 months.


Well, that's life.

But things are definitely getting interesting, with at least one large Indian company starting an internal matrimonial portal for its employees.