Of Samsonite and The Lylah

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
Apparently, Samsonite makes Tripods for cameras. I know, coz a close friend recently bought one cheap.

(Yes, that's the only reason I have the word 'Samsonite' in the title of this blog. So sue me. Picking a title for a blog is no easy task. And it's easier to talk about Samsonite, rather than Sam's Son. Ok? So there)

We had our first snow Monday. Was pretty cool. Not for drivers, but we've got a cool view from the office. So was it nice to watch the snow settle on the firs outside.

Went to a colleague's house for dinner too, that day. It's nice to eat desi homemade food when you don't have cook it. But having to watch Sun TV, on the other side of the planet from Chennai, isn't. And I'm not really interested in knowing that some chap who looks like the son of your local paan-ki-dukaan-waala (Indian road-side tobacconist) married Rajnikant's daughter last month. So I guess Rajnikant's daughter now looks like the daughter-in-law of your local paan-ki-dukaan-waala.

And as if Sun TV itself isn't enough, I had to watch this 14-year-old female called Lylah play coy when the 25-something hero of the movie danced around her. I also had to fend off the question "Don't you think she's good looking?" while I was being fed Puris (a deep-fried Indian bread item). Choking on Puris isn't a very nice experience, let me tell you. Of course, being treated to a second glass of Badam Milk (Almond flavoured milk) is. But did they really expect me to believe that this Lylah's married and has two kids?

Speaking of kids, my colleague's got two children too. The younger one is a girl. She's 20. Fell for me instantly. I guess it must be the glasses. She probably couldn't resist a man with metal on his nose. She was all over me, all evening.

Of course, I know it won't last. Women tend to change their opinion about me past the age of 36 months.


Well, that's life.

But things are definitely getting interesting, with at least one large Indian company starting an internal matrimonial portal for its employees.


oxy_moron said...

Sam's son was a result of a one nite stand? Or were teh stands three? well yeah, blog titles can be a forking experience:)..i've known that in my limited exp

thanks for visiting and your generous remarks..am not as prolific as some of you guys when it comes to writing, hence not many posts..guess that ways my blog has been named almost appropriately:)

Ah! The joys and wonders of Sun and Jaya TV! Now, herez something that could be looked at

Cheers and good luck with the girl:)

Calvin said...

This is one of the most wonderful blogs I've read till now. Read quite a few posts. And liked all of them. Well, almost all, to be honest.
Just wanted to ask. I'm a final year student from Elecrical engineering department, IIT Kharagpur. And we have a departmental magazine. Would u mind if we use one of ur articles in our magazine. I promise it would be published in ur name. And I would also try to send u a copy if possible. (atleast I can promise to send u a soft copy). Hope u understand. I would love to leave the institute having got published the best magazine of all time.

Rohit said...

Happy Holidays, Rajesh.Isn't it a White Christmas over there?

Rajesh J Advani said...

Rohit, well, I was in Houston over the weekend, and I guess I carried the snow there :) It was a "White-ish" Christmas. Or so the papers said. And now that I'm back here, Houston is back to being warm and sunny. There's no justice, I tell you.

Suneet, I'm flattered that you asked. Can we discuss this offline?

Calvin said...

Well, for offline discussion, I would need your mail id. Tried searching for it in the profile but couldn't find it. Or else you can mail me at suneet@ee.iitkgp.ernet.in
Either way, as you wish

thanks once again