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Mom: Hi, Son.
Son: Hey Mom, Hey Dad.
Dad: Son, we wanted to talk to you about something.
Son: Sure, Dad.
Dad: You turn 21 tomorrow.
Son: Yes! My friends and I have a great day planned.
Dad: That's great. See, we thought this is a good opportunity to tell you the truth about something.
Son: Oh, okay. What is it?
Dad: You know how we told you that you were adopted?
Son: Yes, of course. I'm really glad that you let me know right from the beginning. It could have been quite stressful if I'd found out late."
Dad: Yes, it's about that -
Son: What, you know who my biological parents are?
Dad: Actually, the thing is, when we told you that you were adopted, we weren't telling the complete truth.
Son: What? I don't understand.
Mom: See, you're not really adopted.
Son: What? I don't get it. Why are you saying this?
Dad: We thought you're old enough to understand now.
Son: No, I mean... I don't understand. How can I not be adopted?
Dad: That's easy, son. Your mom really is your biological mother.
Son: No! I mean... If I was not adopted, then why would you tell me I was?
Dad: Oh, your mother always wanted to adopt.
Son: Hunh?
Mom: Yes, we had even got in touch with an adoption agency. And then we found out that I was pregnant.
Son: But...
Mom: It was a tough time for us, son. So we decided to pretend that we'd adopted you. And suddenly everything was perfect.
Son: Perfect?
Dad: Yes. And now that you're old enough, we thought it was important that you know the truth.
Son: I'm really not adopted?
Dad: No, son. You're not.
Son: But...
Mom: It's okay, son. We love you just the same.
Son: But this doesn't make any sense!
Dad: It's really very simple, Son. We are really your biological parents.
Son: But -
Dad: Now enough chit-chat. You've got a busy day tomorrow. So get into bed and get a good night's sleep. Good night.
Mom: Good night, dear. We love you.

Of Campaigns: Celestial Conversations - XXVIII

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Me: Hello?
God: Hello.
Me: Hi God! How have You been doing?
God: Fine, I guess. Been a little busy lately. Lots of things going on.
Me: Like what?
God: Well, for one thing, there was this Pink Underwear Campaign recently.
Me: What, You helped organize it?!
God: Oh, no! Not at all. But some of Us in Heaven contributed.
Me: Wow, like who?
God: Oh, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Gandhi, St Peter, Aishwarya Rai...
Me: Aishwarya Rai? But she's not dead yet!
God: Oh, she was just visiting.
Me: So she knows about You?
God: Of course not. We pretended to be an old age home.
Me: But didn't she recognize anyone?
God: Not really. She thought we were having a fancy dress party.
Me: Ah.
God: Yes.
Me: So, she and the others contributed pink underwear to the campaign?
God: Pink and other colors. Gandhi contributed two in fluorescent green.
Me: Fluorescent green?
God: Yes. He got them in the '90s. But the biggest contribution was from Florence Nightingale.
Me: Really?
God: Yes. Forty three thousand eight hundred and seventy nine pairs of underwear in all shades of pink, and *a-hem* all kinds of styles. It was like a museum of lingerie in the twentieth century. The sight was enough to make even Me blush.
Me: Where'd she get so many?
God: They were all her own. She gave up doing her laundry when she died. She just gets new ones every time. And she hates throwing anything away.
Me: Oh.
God: Yes. It took days to get the stuff packed, and putting the stamps on was a torture. After it was all over, the girls went out and got drunk at a local pub, and the guys stayed in and played Monopoly.
Me: Right.
God: But the thing that's been keeping Me busiest recently is the elections.
Me: The elections? Are You in India now?
God: Yes. I thought I'd try to get elected.
Me: You're getting into politics?!
God: Yes. The competition are all corrupt. I think I have a good chance.
Me: Well, all the best!
God: Thanks. I'll sign off now. I need to work on my manifesto.
Me: Bye then.
God: Bye.

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The Geek In Me

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I'm making yet another attempt to climb back on to the social bandwagon, and this time it's by rejuvenating my technology oriented blog. So if you are interested in geeky stuff, you might want to head to Geek Whorled. I intend to write there about programming (Java, OpenGL, GTK, Python, etc), gadgets that interest me or that I own (including doing product reviews), Linux, and anything that I feel is too geeky for this blog.

If I can keep the tempo up, I also hope to post more on this blog as a side-effect.