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Finally decided to go public with a techy blog. This one's more of a leisure area for me. :)

Blogging vs Marriage

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The thought hit me, while commenting on a blog today, that Blogging in a lot of ways, is like marriage.
Well, here goes...

When you get married, for the first few months there's lots and lots of sex. (All right, I confess, I'm not married yet, and so maybe I'm wrong about this. But there's no harm in hoping for the best, is there?)
(Of course, we're also ignoring that fact that there is in this world the concept of love without marriage, and so - as the rest of this blog will show - we're not necessarily talking about marriage here. But we're Indians and we don't believe in - or atleast don't admit to the existence of - PMS)
(No no no! Not that PMS! Pre-Marital Sex!)

When you first begin blogging, there's the urge to blog a lot. Everyday. Sometimes, more than once a day.
Sometimes all you can think of, is to write another blog.

Soon, though, the sex (and the thrill of blogging) becomes one of those "Been there, done that" things. Yeah, it's great every time you do it. But do you have the energy for it?
And unless you have the urge to do it (you might have noticed by now that I'm using the phrase "do it" for both sex and blogging) it's probably not going to be worth the effort.

So you reduce the frequency at which you do it. In some time, it drops to once or twice a week. Sometimes you go a whole week or two without it.
Then sometimes you get in the mood and do it multiple times a week again.

But whatever you do, the initial period of bliss, is only a memory...

This pointless blog is inspired by a comment I posted on this blog.