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I bought three books today - “The Fifth Elephant” and “The Truth” by Terry Pratchett (twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth books in the popular Discworld series for those who are interested), and Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (I’d never heard of the book before but someone sent me a PDF of it a couple of days ago, and I fell in love with the first couple of pages). That, in spite of the fact that I’ve been trying to finish Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” (Frankly, the book’s a drag. Even though the narration is powerful and the descriptions extremely moving and vivid, the book fails to hold my interest for long periods of time with the author jumping from the past to the present back to the past and then further back, and then back to the present, and so on, without warning, leaving me confused and having a headache. A single book normally doesn’t last longer than three days in my hands, unless it’s got more than six hundred pages) for the past couple of weeks (feels like more) and I’ve also got The Da Vinci Code on my list of books to read before I can proceed to my new buys. But what do you expect me to do if my resolution is to buy and read all twenty-nine books of the Discworld series before the thirtieth one is published in October this year? I can’t break my resolution now, can I?

I’m also looking for a copy of the book “Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About” by Mil Millington. I’ve looked in every bookstore I could find, ever since I found out the book exists three weeks ago, but none of them seem to have even heard of it. In fact most people snicker when I tell them the name. Even FabMall doesn’t have it in stock… For the uninitiated, TMGAIHAA is a fictional romantic comedy that the author wrote after he saw the immense popularity that his website of the same name gained. The webpage (it's a single long page) is a compilation of supposedly real life incidents that try to portray the kind of arguments the British author and his German girlfriend (they have two kids) have. The page was put together over a number of years, and is an extremely funny look into a part of the man’s life. The page is also therapeutic, in my opinion. Make any bickering couple read it, and they’d realize that if a couple that has such fights can last that long (sixteen years at last count) and also still be in love with each other then they definitely can too.

Enough for now, I think. I’ve got to go back and attack “Catch 22”. Yawwwnnnn.


Rads said...

I think you got me curious abt Terry Pratchett. Gonna check it out sometime soon.