What Economy? (Celestial Conversations - IV)

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God: Why didn't you tell me that we have an outsourcing department?
Secretary: Because we don't.
God: Oh. (short pause) Why don't we have an outsourcing department?
Secretary: We just don't.
God: Well, we should.
Secretary: Whatever for?
God: What kind of establishment would I be running if I didn't even have an outsourcing department?
Secretary: But we don't even have anything to outsource.
God: We don't?
Secretary: No.
God: Well then that is very bad news.
Secretary: It is?
God: Certainly. It'd be quite embarrassing if I had to say in our annual report that we don't see any opportunities in outsourcing.
Secretary: What annual report?
God: What do you mean 'what annual report'?
Secretary: We don't even have an annual report.
God: We don't have an outsourcing department, we don't have anything to outsource, and we don't have an annual report. What am I paying you for, anyway?
Secretary: You don't pay me.
God: I don't?
Secretary: Of course not. No one gets paid in heaven.
God: No one?
Secretary: Not a soul.
God: Was that supposed to be a pun of some sort?
Secretary: (smiles) Yes.
God: It was a good pun.
Secretary: Thank you.
God: So no one gets paid? Not even me?
Secretary: You, Boss? No you don't get paid. It would be funny, wouldn't it, if you got paid for being God?
God: Funny?
Secretary: Of course. I mean, it's not like we have an economy.
God: Interesting point. Thank you, secretary. I shall have to think about this. Goodbye.

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