Vacation: Celestial Conversations - IX

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Me: Hello?
God: Hello.
Me: Thank You it's You.
God: Eh?
Me: Oh, I tried reaching you yesterday, and ran into him instead.
God: Who?
Me: The other guy.
God: What other guy?
Me: You know. Pointy ears... tail...
God: Batman?
Me: Batman? Batman doesn't have a tail!
God: Really?
Me: Of course!
God: Oh. I didn't know that. Not even when he turns into a bat?
Me: Batman doesn't turn into a bat!
God: He doesn't?
Me: Of course not.
God: Then why does he call himself Batman?
Me: How am I supposed to know? Anyway. I was talking about the other guy.
God: Who?
Me: The one down there!
God: Where? Why don't you just say his name?
Me: I can't! If I do, he'll be here in an instant!
God: Oh. But I'm not sure who you mean.
Me: You know - adversary of God, tempter of mankind, master of Hell
God: Oh. That Guy.
Me: Yes!
God: Why didn't you say so before? So, he's back?
Me: From?
God: His vacation.
Me: Vacation?
God: Yes. Everyone needs some time off, you know. Even both of Us. When he goes on vacation, I take care of business for him, and when I go on vacation, he helps Me out.
Me: What? You get The Devil to do Your job???

[ The Devil has logged in]

The Devil: Did someone call me?
Me: Oh, no!
God: Hi Luce.
The Devil: Hi God.
God: How was the vacation?
The Devil: Oh, it was fun. Took the missus to Somalia.
God: Africa, eh? Good, good.
The Devil: Yeah. Quite a change from the weather Down Here.
God: I can imagine. Anyway. How is your load next month?
The Devil: Not too high. Why?
God: Oh, I was thinking of taking some time off too. You think you could handle it for a week or so, starting, say, the 14th?
Me: What?
The Devil: The 14th? I think I could handle it, yeah.
Me: This is ridiculous! God, how can You trust him?
God: Good, then. I'll need your help to pick out a good place to go, too.
The Devil: Oh, I've prepared a catalog to make it easier for my next trip. I could show it to you.
God: That's very nice of you. The rates some of these travel agencies charge are unbelievable.
Me: This is unbelievable! God, he's Your competition!

[Me has been kicked out of this conversation]

The Devil: Quite a pain in the ... you know where... isn't he?
God: He he! I guess so. But that wasn't a very nice thing to do.
The Devil: I know. But it was funny.
God: That it was. Did you know, that he thinks you have pointy ears and a tail?
The Devil: What? Who does he think I am anyway? Batman?
God: Apparently, Batman doesn't have a tail.
The Devil: Not even when he turns into a bat?
God: He doesn't even turn into a bat.
The Devil: No? Then why do they call him Batman?
God: That's the same question I asked.
The Devil: People! I'll never figure them out.
God: You said it.

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Rads said...

Dat's more like it :-))
I still can't over the fact that after all these months of when u gonna fly an all that, its gonna be touch an go :-))))
Anyways FYI, i will be in NY frm 2nd Oct -4th b4 flying out frm there :p