Trust: Celestial Conversations - X

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Me: Hello?
God: Yes?
Me: Oh, Hi God.
God: Hello.
Me: That guy isn't around, is he?
God: Who?
Me: You know - adversary of God, tempter of mankind...
God: Oh, him. No, he isn't.
Me: (phew!) That's good.
God: What's your problem with him anyway?
Me: My problem? He's The D- Oh, no no no. You're not getting me to do that again.
God: It was worth a try. :) I could call him Myself, if you want.
Me: No!
God: But why?
Me: Because, he's not nice!
God: Oh, that's not his fault. It goes with the job description.
Me: How can You say that? He's the enemy!
God: Oh, come on. He's no enemy. He's an old friend. And what's a little competition between friends?
Me: How can You say that? And You leaving heaven in his hands, is so... so...
God: Stupid?
Me: Ummm, I was looking for a nicer word, but yeah.
God: Why?
Me: How can You trust him?
God: Well, he was an angel once. So he knows the place, and is senior to almost everyone here. Plus, he's a good accountant.
Me: Accountant? But You told me Heaven is bankrupt!
God: If I had any money, you think I'd leave it in his hands?
Me: Oh.
God: You must trust Me a bit more, my boy.
Me: Like, "In God We Trust"?
God: That's the spirit!

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