Book sales: Celestial Conversations - VI

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Me: Hello, God.
God: Hello.
Me: Any solution to the economy problem?
God: I'm looking at a few options.
Me: Really? Anything good?
God: Oh, one very interesting option. I'm looking at book sales.
Me: Oh?
God: Apparently, the Bible is the number one bestseller of all time.
Me: That is correct.
God: Well, then how come I haven't got any royalties?
Me: Royalties?
God: The Bible is supposed to be the Word of God, right?
Me: Yes.
God: So it should automatically be copyrighted to me, right?
Me: That's debatable.
God: Debatable?
Me: Did you actually write any of it?
God: Not in a manner of speaking. But it's still all supposed to be my idea, right?
Me: Well, even if it's your idea, the Bible is currently in the public domain.
God: Public Domain?
Me: Yes. Which means that anyone is free to print it without having to pay royalties.
God: Really? And what about the Quran?
Me: I would presume it's the same with that too.
God: And the Ramayana and Mahabharata?
Me: Those too.
God: And the Talmud?
Me: Even that.
God: In the name of Me! Is there anything that they've spared?
Me: I would think not.
God: I can't believe it. Trillions of dollars in royalties over the years, all lost!
Me: That's true.
God: So I'll have to look for something else, then?
Me: I guess so.
God: :-(

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Rads said...

quite hilarious only i say ! :p