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Long time, no short. Yes, I know. Apologies to those of you who've been disappointed by my update frequency, but work's been a killer.

Anyway. I found the responses to my previous story quite interesting, specially considering that I thought I was responding to popular demand. I should probably have paid more attention to the tale about the Miller and his son. Well, atleast I haven't lost my ass yet.

Whatever. Here's the next one.

Note: This one's just a bit on the geeky side, and requires remembering some grade school physics.


They called him a mad scientist.

He looked at his invisibility potion. He'd show them.

So he drank the potion. And every part of him was transparent. Including his eyes.

Refraction stopped working. He was blind.

He could see no one. And no one could see him.

It drove him mad.
The End


Nimbus said...

Yay! Nobody died nobody died! :)

Maru Marauder said...

Theres the old touch again!! Nobody died, but how diabloically twisted to have somebody lose everything by getting the thing hemost wanted...kudos!

Hemlyn Ratnam said...

Aiaiyo. But he went mad!

(OMG, I'm a geek. I understood why he went mad. Major depression happening.)

Archster said...

Brilliant. And at the risk of sounding too eager...well worth the wait.

Kiran said...

This is good :-)

The wait is worth.

Work is indeed a killer, and I know it well. Not having work is also a killer, isn't it :-)

Aditya Bidikar said...

I love your 55 stories. But I have to say that this one's a letdown - not original in any way. It's already been said. My favourite was the Gargoyle story.

Vikram said...

sahi hai yaar..kya likhta hai tu..

i am getting depressed. :-/

Megamind said...

Whoa! That was simply superb!

You are the greatest!

Reminds me of the O. Henry stories...

Words Worth said...

hahahaha. fabulous!

babelfish said...

thou art the god of short things...awed silence

*tiny voice* would you read my one and only *terrible* attempt at the 55-word story, plis plis

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, this is getting too boring and repetitive. I think you are getting influenced by your cocaine addiction like Blogger!

Hemlyn Ratnam said...

Anon: Be nice. No one's putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read.

RJA, ignore the troll. Have fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog u have got. I enjoyed most of ur 55 word storeis. keep em coming.

babelfish said...

thank oo for being so swit but as I said only you could have come up with a diabolical twist like the girl-witch. I bow and request permission to link god-like geek of shorts :)

Rajesh J Advani said...

Megha: I didn't have the heart to kill him this time :)

Maru Marauder: Thank you!

a-hem: But at least he didn't die :) And thanks for the support!

Archster: Thank you! Glad you think so :)

Kiran Mayee: Not having work is definitely a killer, unless of course, you're on vacation :)

Aditya Bidikar: You're right about the "it's been said" part. Invisibility and Blindness have been talked about a lot. However, I've never actually seen anyone point to the fact that without refraction, it doesn't matter if the retina absorbs the photons or not. If the lens of you eye doesn't work, you'd be blind anyway.

The Arbit Council: Ooh, Depressed? Why? Is my writing that bad?

loverBoy: O'Henry! That's high praise indeed!

Words Worth: Thanks!

Babelfish: Read! And commented too :) And you don't need my permission to link me!

Anonymous 1: Well, actually I don't like Coke. Or Pepsi for that matter. Strictly OJ here.

Anonymous 2: Thank you!