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It began here - etcetera - In Brief,
was inspired by this - 55 Fiction
and reached me via him - J. Alfred Prufrock.

To summarize, the tag is to write one or more stories, in less than 55 words each. And since you always pay this kind of thing forward, here are my victims -

Now 55 words is generally not enough for me (even though zero tends to work out fine quite often). So in attempting to write one short short, I ended up with multiple stories. And I suspect there'll be more coming up.

This one's just to warm up -
The Beginning

"Hey," says a voice. "You’ve been tagged. Write a story in 55 words or less."

The blogger awakes.

"55 words," he thinks. "Hmm."

He flexes his fingers. "Let the writing begin..."

The End