Salaam Bombay!

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
Warning: This is a pointless post. As in, it's more pointless than my usual posts. So if you are interested in reading the usual comparatively less-pointless stuff that I irregularly churn out, come back in a couple of days. I'll try to make sure you're not disappointed.

It's been a hectic two weeks selling my car, TV, Foosball table, and other assorted stuff, wrapping up work, and packing everything I own into two suitcases. There's been no time to blog, and even lesser time to respond to comments. And now I'm finally back in Aamchi Mumbai for a couple of weeks of vacation time before I get back to the grind in Chennai.

I've observed a few things in the last few days, though.

Air India isn't that bad

No, really. They're not as rude as, say, Air France, not as off-schedule as, say, North-West, and not as uncomfortable as Biman Air. They get you from one spot to the other, and they do it fairly well considering that they have a plane full of Indians to deal with at the same time.

I'd forgotten how warm Bombay can be in October

It's raining in Chennai these days, and even that city has lower temperature than aamchi Mumbai. Thank goodness for air-conditioning.

I hate Zee TV more than I thought I did

I mean, really. My mother insists on watching every episode of every Ekta Kapoor show on TV, and I can't bring myself to be in the same room when one of them is running, for more than five minutes at a time.

Broadband in India is expensive

I mean MTNL wants me to pay Rs 1199 (a month!) for a 256 kbps connection with a 1.25 GB download limit. And my brother's 64 kbps/unlimited download cable connection doesn't allow me to set up my router so I can hook my laptop into the connection. Well, at least they say I can't. To he** with them.

I may call it writer's block, but I'm just too darned lazy

Really. I've been sitting on at least five blog ideas for a couple of months now. And instead of putting pen to paper (or to be more accurate, finger to keyboard), I've been spending my time reading Schlock Mercenary, Real Life Comics, and Down To Earth. I'll tell you, Web Comics can be extremely addictive. Specially if you decide you want to read through all the archives.

Enough rambling, I think. I intend to be back to more-frequent-than-regular blogging in the next couple of days.


Hiren said...

I dunnot about Air India but I agree with you on boradband and Zee. Lucky you if you have five blog ideas. Are you a writer by any Chance. The way it has rained in Chennai- you can forget the warm October Bombay when you get back.

dumbs said...

would like to read ur experience in US and how you feel back in India. If given a chance where would u settle? What about work ethics, comforts, standard of living?

Naveen Roy said...

Good to know that you are here in India and will be working in Chennai......hmmm.....not too many ppl i know like to work there.....dont know why.....wish me friends and me could have bought the foosball table of....

anantha said...

Foosball table! :D

harry said...

hey rajesh bhai,
just now happened to see your blog and i never knew the suitcase story was written by you. i had always wanted to know who wrote it..i am in it possible to have a talk with you. i have been a fan of your " preethy 's" love story..unf i happen to be a different breed among your set of admirers.. ironically i am single but ironically i also happen to be a male..:lol: can u mail your id to haripi2 @


erebus said...

Are you familiar with the term... ICS?
Try it... it's a wonderful. Routers are for amateurs.

sv3 said...

Came here from babelfish's blog.

Try BSNL broadband. its 500 bucks a month for a 256 Kbps connection with a 1GB upload/download limit. Of course, you'll have to buy/rent the modem. I don't know about routers though...