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This is hard to stop.


Sally won the gold medal for the 100-metre sprint for two years straight. The third year she came second by a hair's width.

That evening they found the winner's dead body in a dumpster. They caught Sally when her motorcycle fell and the bloody knife fell out.

She could run, but she couldn't ride.

The End


Devdutt said...

ROTFL (:D)^n

Kiran said...

Hmm after a long time, came to read your entry on the day of posting, but too bad that I was not the first :-(

Anyway, this story of your shows the professional jealousies and the slefishness that is increasing in people.

Kumari said...

You are on a roll and i ain't complaining :D
Dark humour :)

Rajesh J Advani said...

Devdutt: Nice to see you liked it :)

Kiran Mayee: I just wrote it for the punchline :) But thanks!

Kumari: Will that be with or without cheese? ;) Okay, bad joke. Alright, very bad joke. :D

Words Worth said...

done. and it's all your fault. since you insisted on inflicting this upon me, you will come over and read them.

hey, i have a great idea. you should write 55 stories of less than 55 words each. how cool would that be!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Run but not ride is a neat twist ...

Maru Marauder said...

(music)Who writes short shorts??...etc.
You do....and well too. Amazing how you can take a story and distill it to get its very essence.....
Amazing work,
Keep it up(and beleive me, IT is almost in orbit right now).

Jade said...

Hello. Just to tell you that I enjoyed all of the stories. I'm supposed to be doing this tag, too, but I don't think mine will be as good as yours. :(

Anonymous said...

Aaaw. Megha's protégé. She has trained thee well in the art of corniness. The chela has surpassed the guru!

(Murder has been my favorite, so far.)


Archster said...

I just read your post on sulekha. 'Rants of a Single Guy.' Just as all the people there commented...So VERY funny!

But more so for me I think, cause I have a best friend just like that. Except of course that it is I who is the sweet and dependable confess all your lou failure stories to me type person. *sigh*

And ooh your 55 words of fiction was nice as well. Morbid. But still funny. How does one do that?

Aditya Bidikar said...

Funny. Very funny.

Ad astra per aspera said...

Sounds like fun!! Must try it out.
Needless to say I loved reading 'em all..

gr_ra said...

Dude...some great writing. must be seriously inspired. keep hitting those keys.

Prer said...

Interesting stories .. keep writing it is fun to read :)

Rajesh J Advani said...

Words Worth: I did! And they were great! The 55 stories idea is really cool, but I don't know if I can write so many!

Karthik: Thanks :) Of course, the whole story was written for that ending :)

Maru Marauder: Distillation is right. Your description is perfect. :) Thanks a lot for your words!

Jasmine: You're being too hard on yourself. Your stories were really nice! And thanks for the praise!

Hemlyn: Thankoo :) Yes, The clouds tend to increase one's appetite for corn :) I have this incredible urge to be on Juhu Beach chewing on some right now :D
Of course, credit for teaching me the whole write a story for its corny ending thing, should be given to Isaac Asimov. He's written a lot of amazing stories of that sort :)

Archster: So you're the shoulder, eh? :)
Thanks for the words about my writing! I guess the 'morbid' bit is probably because I find it difficult to work up to a happy ending in less than 55 words :)

Aditya Bidikar: Thank you! Glad you think so :)

Ad astra per aspera: I'll be looking forward to reading your stories :) And thanks for the words!

Gr_Ra: Inspired or not, at least I'm writing! It helps keep off the writer's block :)

Prer: Thank you! Will definitely try to keep writing :)

Kaala Kavva said...