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I'd be grateful if no one noticed that I've cheated by back-dating this post by a couple of hours. I blame this on one of my roommates who used IE (that browser from hell) on some suspicious websites on my laptop over the weekend as a result of which I had to spend a large part of the evening off the network scanning my (mostly full) 60 Gig harddrive for viruses.

Here's a snippet of a conversation I had with a friend today -
"Today is Blog Day," she said.
"Oh, I thought it was Wednesday," I replied.
"My God! Do you really think that was funny?" she asked incredulously.
"No," I said, "but it was definitely worth a try."
"You need help," she said.
"Someone comes up with yet another Hallmark holiday, and I'm the one that needs help?"
"Oh, come on. You're acting like you're Scrooge or something."
"Wow. I've never heard you use that kind of language before."
"No, no! Scrooge! With a G!"
"Yes. From A Christmas Carol?"
"Which one?"
"No, the book!"
"There's a christmas carol that's as long as a book talking about something called Scrooge?"
"Ok, ok! I'm Scrooge."

And that's how it went. More or less.

So, today is Blog Day, or as Technorati calls it, . And they chose the 31st of August, because '3108', looks like 'Blog' in the forgotten tongue of the Dogonowa tribe of central Africa. Something like that anyway.

Conversation snippet # 2 -
"3108?" I asked. "That's so stupid. It should have been 3106."
"Ah," she replied.
"I'm sure whoever came up with the idea probably didn't want to wait till June next year to celebrate it. So they just went with August."
"The 31st of June?" she asked.
"Yes. But it's two months too late, right? So they probably thought..."
"The 31st of June?" she repeated.
"So it's like a leap year then?"


Apparently, today's the day that Bloggers have, that is "dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On this day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors." And I'm supposed to find five blogs to link to.

Even though replicating my blogroll here would be quite easy, the intent is to go and discover new blogs (which I shall take to mean blogs I'd not come across before), and recommend five of them to you. Of course, I shall still cheat, and name blogs I've come across only recently, or blogs I don't visit very often but like very much nonetheless.

  • Samit Basu is India's first SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy, for the uninitiated) writer. I discovered him fairly recently, when I saw a Terry Pratchett reference to his book The Simoqin Prophecies which was published when we was 23. (Why didn't I drop out of an IIM? Heck, why didn't I ever apply to an IIM?)

  • Eric Raymond is the geek who's probably most known for his paper The Cathedral And The Bazaar. He knows Terry Pratchett! If only Terry Pratchett had a blog too. Sadly, he doesn't.

  • But at least Neil Gaiman does. I haven't read Gaiman's Sandman comic books, but I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about them. I have read Good Omens though. He co-authored it with Terry Pratchett.

  • Post Secret is a blog I drop in at every now and then. Frank Warren asked people to send him postcards with secrets anonymously in November 2004. It was supposed to be his contribution to a Washington DC art exhibition. Today it's a way for people to share their secrets with millions of people around the world. Sometimes funny. Sometimes angry. Mostly very moving.

  • Kiran Jonnalagadda or Jace for short. He worked for The Jasubhai Group's Digit magazine once, and maintained a technology forum at www.Lunateks.com. I helped him maintain it at one time, until both of us got busy. The site was run off one of Digit's servers until it went offline.

There. Done.


Anonymous said...

This time I will be the first. That way I don't get ignored.

Rajesh J Advani said...

Ph: Oh, you weren't being ignored! I apologize for not replying to your comment on my previous post, but I tend to procrastinate a lot :) Your comment was definitely noticed and appreciated :)

And congratulations on being first :)

Anonymous said...

*grin* what some of do for some attention.

Anonymous said...


Maru Marauder said...

Haha...funny stuff, as you might have noticed, I'v linked your site and your ringtone post to my blog:
Check it out when you can, any advice will also be apprecitated...

Prahalathan said...

I've incuded ur BLOG in my BLOG DAY 2005Honours

Stuti said...

Hello and Greetings! Given that you are one of the 3 people to have commented on my Blog, and the only one who doesn't know me - thought of coming by here! :)
And Terry Pratchett fan is much cool. Am quite a Discworld fanatic myself! And please Noooooooooooo Blog for Terry Pratchett, there is a case to be made for curling up with a book on a comfy chair!
Now let me go read your Blog...

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Mr. Advani Sir, please Sir you've been tagged Sir.

THIS round of jokery-pokery (where would we be without Hatterr?) is about writing short-shorts, not more than 55 words each.

Please do give it a try, I suspect you'd be rather good at it.


Rajesh J Advani said...

Ph: *smile*

Maru Marauder: I did check it out, though I think you're giving me too much credit by asking me for advice :)

Prahalathan: I saw that, and thank you! :)

Stuti: Of course there's nothing like curling up and reading a book, but reading a blog by the guy giving a glimpse into how he writes would be cool too, no? Hmm. Anyway. Hope you got a chance to read my blog. And hope you liked :)

J. Alfred Prufrock: Sir? Please don't call me Sir, Sir :) Thanks for the tag. Me wrote. And me still writing :)