Saving The World, One Clean Vegetable At A Time

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A: So, you are sure about this.
B: Yup.
A: Really.
B: Yup.
A: Writing a comic-book is how you want to begin your career in the literary world.
B: Yup.
A: Okay. Whatever you say.
B: Hey, I'm not kidding. I can draw pretty well. And write a bit.
A: And you won't have to worry about grammar as much.
B: Exactly!
A: But do you have a basic theme for the comic-book?
B: I've thought about that a bit, and I've decided to do a superhero comic-book.
A: Superhero?
B: Yup.
A: Isn't that a little old? I mean almost every kind of super-hero has already been done twice over. What kind of superhero would you create?
B: Oh, I had a couple of ideas about that. But I think I'm going to go with "Mr Clean".
A: Mr Clean?
B: Yup. He turns into a sponge whenever something gets dirty.
A: A sponge?
B: Yup. A big yellow sponge.
A: Umm...
B: And his secret identity will be Robert Bleach.
A: Robert Bleach?
B: Yup. Of course, this comic-book will be targeted at housewives.
A: I think you're a little late with your idea. There already is a sponge called Bob.
B: Really?
A: Yes. And he's not exactly a superhero.
B: Hunh? What a waste of sponge!
A: Right.
B: Well, my other idea was Spinach Man.
A: Spinach Man?
B: Yes. He gets his super strength from spinach.
A: I think they've done that too.
B: That too?
A: Yes. It was very long ago. You know, I think you need to stop thinking about sponges and vegetables.
B: Oh. So you think Captain Celery won't make a good superhero?
A: Oh I'm sure he will. But I just think that your idea is a little ahead of its time.
B: Yeah, me too.
A: Maybe you need to think more in terms of special powers that can be used to save the world, you know?
B: Now that's a very good idea!
A: I know.
B: Hmmm. Let me think. Hey! I got one!
A: What is it?
B: I could write about Writer Boy!
A: Writer Boy? I thought you were writing a superhero comic book.
B: Yes, and that's the name of my superhero. Writer Boy!
A: And what does he do exactly?
B: He saves the world from evil villains by arriving at the scene, and writing a happy ending.
A: Ah.
B: It's a fantastic idea, isn't it? Just imagine. The evil villain plants a bomb on a bus, and tries to trigger it off by remote control from his hideout.
A: I'm listening.
B: Writer Boy appears on the scene and saves the day by writing a happy ending where the battery on the remote control receiver of the bomb dies, and the people get off the bus safe and sound!
A: Ah. Sounds interesting.
B: Didn't I tell you? I'm going to make millions!
A: I'm sure you will. But every superhero has a weakness. What will your hero's weakness be?
B: That's a good question. A superhero isn't a superhero if he doesn't have a weakness. Hmmm. I know! Writer's Block!
A: I don't think you can use Writer's block as a weakness for a super hero. It needs to be something that the evil villain can use.
B: Good point. Ah yes! His weakness will be broccoli!
A: Broccoli?
B: Yes. Writer Boy can't stand broccoli. It makes him nauseous, and he can't control the ending. Writer Boy gets into a bad mood, and could write any sort of ending if he comes too close to broccoli.
A: You know, broccoli is actually very good for you.
B: You sound like my mom.
A: I am your mom.
B: Ah. I thought you looked familiar.
A: You know, I think you should go get ready, or you'll be late for school.
B: But I told you, I don't want to go to school. I don't need to! I'm going to write a comic-book!


Nimbus said...

Much cuteness this story has :) I remember you mentioning about you being a fussy eater as a kid, on one of your older blogs. Which makes me wonder if this conversation is a wee bit autobiographical? :) And the JALS happy ending only confirms my hunch :) Hee haw! *pats herself for her Sherlock skills*

On a more serious note - I like the idea of his one great weakness being writer's block actually. We all have inspirations for our writing, and if the villian just figured out Writer Boy's inspiration and kept that away from him, he'd never be able to write those happy endings! Deliciously evil! :)

Nice work, Writer Boy! ;)

KoPoS said...

Strange but as soon as the 'mom' thing came into play, i felt like i was reading a strip of 'Calvin n Hobbes' with the spaceman spiff, et al.

Nice qt work :)

Danesh said...

The end part of the conversation was fun. Glad to know another Broccoli hater :)

Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera said...

luved the title, reminds me of my mom who used various techniques to make me eat veggies , like a veggie cutlet,tart or egg pudding etc...

so u a brocolli hater as well!must b we shud form some sort of brocolli-hate union ,thankfully thatz seldom available in India so makes life easier on us desis.

CalVEiN said...

now now now !

must say after all the celestial conversations and the beautiful last post, this one is hmmmm, not bad !

i m so sorry i did not appreciate ur previous posts...well i m doing it now then....absolutely gr8 !!....made me come bak again and again !

sure u r not in a writer's block???

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Damn. You know you give me a complex? You could be writing a Broadway play or selling a series to HBO for zillions.

Why do you keep getting better?
Why can't I write dialogue like you?
And why don't I get your ideas?

The world is not fair.


Kumari said...

Sine yours truly has been hit by Writer's Block, she shall wait for Writer Boy to come and save her and write the happy adjectives that this post so truly deserves...till then make do with "Cute" :)

Anonymous said...

Bloghopped here today and am I glad or am I glad that I did so! Love it

Rajesh J Advani said...

Megha: Thankoo :) Autobiographical? Oh oh. She's on to me. You don't really believe that do you? *fluttering eyelashes* :)
*snaps fingers* You shall now forget that you ever believed that I was Writer Boy ;)

Wonderful take on the writer's block, by the way. I see that I'll have to keep you away from my arch-villians. Don't want them getting any ideas! :)

Poorna Shashank: Thanks! :) I'm a fan of the little kid, and very honoured to know that something I write can remind one of that wonderful comic strip :)

Danesh: You too, eh? :) And thanks!

Swathi: Thank you! The title of course, was contributed by a very close friend. I shall pass the compliments :) It's a good idea about the brocolli-hate-union, though as you've mentioned, being a resident of India, you won't really be an active member :)

On second thoughts, the Brocolli-hate-union can probably join forces with the Return-To-Desh-union. Two birds with one stone :)

Calvein: I'm very much in the middle of a deeeeep writer's block :) Trying to climb out though :)

And thanks for the kind words!

J. Alfred Prufrock: Thanks so much for the words :) I'm almost embarrassed! (almost, coz I've got a big ego. Just kidding!)

Kumari: 'Cute' is more than enough :) Thanks!

WA: Glad to know you did too :) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Aaaw. *Pulls cheeks*

And I agree with JAP. You're really good with dialog. Kya dialog mara hai! (Okay, I'm South Indian, and the only place I can use Hindi without sounding silly is the internet. Besides, I've always wanted to say that!)

But seriously. Vewy nice.

Aditya Bidikar said...

You've got a wonderful blog. Have blogrolled you.

Spin said...

I loved your stories,I've linked to your blog on mine,I hope that is'nt a problem?

Anonymous said...

LOVE this

Rajesh J Advani said...

Hemlyn: Ouch! :) Me not got very pullable cheeks :)

And you can always use Hindi in that sweet south-indian accent on my blog :)

Thank you!

Aditya Bidikar: Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Srin: Thanks! And linking is always a good thing :)

Ph: Thanks!