Inexperienced: Two Months Later

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(Episode 6. This is the final episode in a series about a couple that get married without the benefit of sex education. The nature of the series causes it to be a little explicit, even if this particular episode isn't, so if you're easily offended, you might want to read something else.)
Two months later, at a hospital.
"So, what did the doctor say?"
"I'm pregnant."


"So we really have been doing it right."
"You know that friend of yours?"
"The one I finally asked what goes where, you mean?"
"What about him?"
"Could you beat him up for me?"
"But why?! He helped! We should be thanking him!"
"I don't think so. If he really wanted to help, he would have told us about contraception."

Since this is World AIDS Day, here's some important information. So protect yourself, will you?


Anonymous said...

hey something not related to this post, I want to know if I can use this article,, for our internal magazine? This is good and thought of getting your permission before we print it. We shall give you due credits for the story and a hyperlink to your website.

Rajesh J Advani said...

Interesting request.

Sure, why not? :) And thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

And then, the series is good. I am not eligible to give more comments :-)

The story might be reflecting some of the lives, atleast in part, cos, this is how our society is.

At the same time, we need to admit that the younger generation, the kids who are coming out of schools and colleges are more educated in this aspect than people from our generation.

Anonymous said...

I remember how you reacted when I blogged one of your stories, without knowledge. Thought of taking your permission.

Well, we want our colleagues to enjoy some of your good stories. thats why :-)

Anonymous said...