Settling down

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
I finished moving into my new apartment on Saturday morning, but was travelling on the weekend and so only slept there the first time on Sunday night.
No phone, no internet access, and no movie channels for another week.

I tried latching on to someone's wireless network but the signal was very low, and only connected from one spot in the house.
So, just playing video games on the laptop for now.

This blog will be back. Very soon.


sumandatta said...

hey u said i cud move my mag from geocities to blogspot. but then none of the templates provided have that kind of sub-sections/topics facility....u got any idea i cud use? sure blogspot seems a better choice but i dont know how much disk space and bandwidht and stuff theu provide...

Rajesh J Advani said...

No idea about diskspace, but it's enough to keep years of archives. So unless you are keeping large images and stuff, it should be ok.
For uploading images, you can manage with a separate non-public blog on your user id.
And about templates, you need to create your own. Link in images from the non-public blog, and edit/create the template to show 'n' latest articles, where 'n' is set from the blogger interface.
You can link in specific articles from the template directly.

If I get some spare time over the next few weeks, maybe I could help you with it and then post a how-to on Geek Whorled.