HP Customer Service Rocks!

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
10/20 - Wednesday evening: I call HP, and complain about my Laptop power adapter which has a lose connection with the connector at the back of my laptop, so it doesn't charge 80% of the time. Have to wedge something between the adapter plug and the table surface to keep it stuck in place, and even then it's a struggle to get it to work. The customer service representative at 1-800-HP-Invent takes down my problem details, my address, and offers to have FedEx pick up the laptop "tomorrow". I ask if I need to back up my data and he says "Yes, they will re-image your hdd, so do take a backup of all your data." Before I have a chance to protest that I've got 6 months worth of installations and data and customizations on the system, he says "Well, actually since this is a power problem, you can just remove your hdd before sending it." And then he tells me exactly how to do that. And it's really quite a breeze to do it. I arrange a pickup for Friday since it's my responsibility to pack it up properly in "3-inches of industry standard packaging material like Bubble-wrap" and a box. Plus, he offers to have it collected from office. Which is good for me. And I'm not being charged anything yet. The guy reads out the terms and conditions which say that though I'm under warranty, if the fault is found to be because of damage done by me, then they would confirm my method of payment before carrying out repairs, which is reasonable.

10/22 - Friday afternoon: FedEx picks up my laptop. I'm thinking that since HP will only get the laptop on Monday morning (next business day on overnight shipping), and the CSR said the laptop would be returned to me in 5-7 business days, I wouldn't have the laptop for two weekends.

10/25 - Monday evening: I check the email address I gave them, and I have acknowledgement of the laptop being received. Also, they say it's coming back Thursday. I'm overjoyed, since I didn't expect it back that fast. No FedEx tracking info yet, since the status says it's not shipped yet.

10/26 - Tuesday morning: I get a call from my office reception saying my Laptop is back!

Boy am I overjoyed! They fixed my problem, my laptop works flawlessly, and all in a matter or 2 business days! HP Rocks!


Anonymous said...

hi, this is completely random because i don't know you at all, but i've been having problems with my hp laptop- it just wont turn on. i guess you were lucky with the service because mine has been dead for four weeks now. they have tried to ship me the box twice and i FINALLY got it today after a month. at first they made me call between the US and the country of purchase numerous times. i'm going to try ship mine out tomorrow or the day after, since i'm already so darn used to not having a computer, i guess. i hope they get mine back to me asap, you're really lucky with your service :)