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And this is really D-uh!

I'd wondered for a long time what the name of the Times of India cartoon Dubyaman, was supposed to refer to. I'd suspected for quite a long time that Dubya is George Bush, but I had no idea why.

Today, as the result of a brainwave, I decided to ask Google. (Tubelight? I would tend to agree).

Searching Google for "define:dubya" tells you that Dubya is George W. Bush, a.k.a W, a.k.a dubyuh (pronounce W with an American accent), a.k.a Dubya. Simple, eh? Downright ass-brained...


Anonymous said...

I had precisely the same doubt few months back. And yes, Google was the saviour in my case too!


Megha said...

Looks like you had, what they call, an 'a-ha! moment' :)

Nice blog you've got here. Makes an interesting read!