Bad Solution (55)

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
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It was a big asteroid. "Ten percent chance of hitting Earth," they said. "Expected angle of impact is enough to wipe out a country."

"We'll use Nuclear weapons!"

They aimed. They fired. They miscalculated.

The asteroid deflected in the wrong direction, hit Earth head-on, and wiped out all life. Except the cockroaches, of course.


flaashgordon said...

Hi pal ...too good !!btw had checked out ur archives as well. Great writing esp in the "On women" section. And that Sulekha story had been fwded to me long ago tho i didnt know the author of it....Am blogrolling you - Check out mine too - am also a practitioner in your line of expertise ie: humor -

mythalez said...

hey .. nice new template :)

sankar said...

hi the solution was bad but would make a gud hollywood story.......... i guess !!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe wrong solution is the reason all my plans backfire * sigh *

Vikram Nandwani said...

Lucky Cockroaches... I always had a feelin they would outlive us... they r the only ones thriving in my aunts kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

nice one ! (lol)
long live cockroaches !!