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One more short short.


"How long before they reach the castle?"

"Our army will probably be able to hold them off for an hour at the most."

"And the secret passageway out of the city?"

"It was never finished, your highness."

"Well then," said the king. "I'm off to sleep."


"I always wanted to die in my sleep."

The End


m. said...

hehe, i like your king - he had A-ti-tude!

Aditya Bidikar said...

Heh. Funny story, and (I hope this doesn't sound weird) kinda cute.

Kusum Rohra said...

Giving up so easily, what a king! on the other hand a king who doesnt even know that the secret passage was never finished sounds so much like some of our politicians.

karan said...

ha..nice! but I initially interpreted the punchline as 'always wanted to die in my dreams', and i like it better that way :)

visiting ur blog after a long time, and mayb my first comment here.
really like ur writing...especially the fiction. thanks for all the great stories! :)