Atmosphere = N2 + O2 + CO2 + Various gases + Love

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
(In case you didn't get that , it means "Love is in the air")

Valentine's fever is in the air. People are either thinking about what to get their sweethearts, or talking about how Valentine's Day sucks. Usually, the former have sweethearts (or at least have specific people in mind they want to make their sweethearts), and the latter don't. Disclaimer: This is not a rule.

Me? I try my hand at fiction.

However, writer's block has recently been a bit of a problem in the recent past. So no new stories.

That being said, I do have some stuff I wrote around a year ago, that I never published for various reasons. So over the next few days, to celebrate Valentine's week (why just one day?) I'll be putting these stories up along with any new stories I can manage to pen down.

Hope you like them :)


TII said...

Great! Waiting for the stories...

dumbs said...

u got to come up with JALS - 2. look at how many people who have claimed to have written it. It rocks anyday!

Rajesh J Advani said...

TII: One posted... Some more to go :)

dumbs: A sequel? Well, I'm afraid I'll only ruin the story if I do that :) And I know I probably sound quite pompous saying this, but I really liked the story too, not just as the writer, but even as a reader!