Ash and the Mailman

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
I'm not a big follower of the Late Show with David Letterman, but hearing that Aishwarya Rai was going to be a guest on the show tonight, meant that I had to watch the show.

Not because she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She isn't. She was. 11 years ago. But that was... 11 years ago.

Not because I once had her picture as my desktop's wallpaper. I did. But that too was 11 years ago. Ok, 10.

No. That wasn't it.

I wanted to watch, because... because...because...
Ummm... Do I really have to have a reason?


So she was on the show. And Letterman was all praiseworthy of this most beautiful woman in the world, who has millions and millions and millions of fans. All over the world. And yet, is relatively unknown in the US of A.

And what did our dear "most beautiful girl in the world" have to say?
The less said about it, the better.

(Of course, in that case, I should not say anything at all, but that would be quite boring, no?)

She was better than expected. She actually caught Letterman off guard a couple of times. In a nice way.


There's always that "But" isn't there? (No, no. Single "t")

You'd think she has a personality of her own. You'd think that what the script-writers pen up, isn't all she has to rely on.

Well, you think wrong.



dumbs said...

She did better when compared to the 60 mins one. She giggled for no reason though.

Rajesh J Advani said...

Yeah, I wish I'd watched the 60 minutes one.

She giggled galore last night, that's true. I think it's a ploy to give her more time to think about responding to a question. Her brain works too slowly, so she takes a break with a giggle! Uggh!
And then you'd expect answers that were intelligent. But that's too much to ask for, I guess.

Her "In India we don't need to make an appointment to meet our parents" response to Letterman's question - "Does that [living with your parents] happen in India a lot?" was really tasteless. Letterman was so clearly trying to bring out the cultural differences between India and the US in a nice way. Ash was the one who came across as condescending.

To think I was actually mad about this woman at one time. Blech! Now I'm just mad at her.

Repeating what people have been saying all over blogdom - "Wish it had been Sush"

Calvin said...

Sounds cliched now, but even I wish it were Sush. Am a great fan of her attitude.

dumbs said...

very true Sush would have been better