It's NOT Teasing!

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I've seen this point mentioned on other blog posts written for the Blank Noise blogathon, and it's got me thinking. I believe that the first step to getting any closer to safer streets in our country, is to stop calling it Eve Teasing. It's not "teasing". It's the violation of the modesty of a human being. A violation of the exclusive right of a human being to their own body. A violation of one's right to peace of mind. A violation of the right to be in a public place without fear.

It's Harassment. Sexual Harassment. It's time to call it what it is.


See Bee said...

couldnt' agree more...
and even though women are mostly at the receiving end, men are also harassed on the streets.

Street harrasment is a crime.

Harassment of any sort should NOT be tolerated, it is a violation of basic human principles, and more importantly, a CRIME

Naveen Roy said...

yes, so true is harrasment...

SmartOxymoron said...

Just thought you might want to know... one of your posts is floating around as an email forward. Its one published in 2004 or 2005 about a guy wondering how to propose to a gal and the gal proposing to him with a banner marked (what else)"Will you marry me?".

Want me to forward it to you? No... wait... I think youve read that one :P

che sara sara said...

sometimes things happent beyond the tolerance limit...
it happens only to girls
any kind
wats the solution...??

che sara sara said...

i read few of ur archives..nice blog
i would blogroll you

Anonymous said...

You ahve good thought and the thought is an excellent beginning to this movement.
But being an indian woman i'd say...harassment is a result of getting harassed...
it has to begin from within - from within the woman - for it to see an end!

ghost particle said...

basically its the violation of human rights. if we dont change each and every person out there, then there is no cure for this disease.

In The Shadows said...

Where are you man.. no new posts since a long time..

Kusum Rohra said...

Wht is it?

You got married?

You got to know of ur illegitimate children?

Your dog died?

You have fallen in love?