Based On A True Story

on Posted by Rajesh J Advani
This post comes to you with inspiration from Films Division (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India). The specific movie that this post came from, can be found here (link courtesy the wonderful goings-on at the clouds).

This post is also based on a true story that has taken the Indian blogosphere by storm. Read all about it.
The Birdies and The Hunter

It was a regular day in the forest and all the birdies were doing the usual stuff - building nests, teaching their kids to fly, and pecking at bird-seed.

The heroine of our story - whom we shall call Bird-E-Vun - was also going about her regular day looking for new piles of bird-seed. On this day, during her search she came across this pile of poisonous bird-seed. The nice birdie that she was, she tried to warn all the other birdies about it. Soon, she met Bird-E-Tu and told him about the poisonous pile too. Soon, Bird-E-Vun and Bird-E-Tu were both telling all their birdie friends about the pile of poisonous bird-seed.

Now this particular pile of bird-seed had been kept there by a vicious hunter, who wanted to catch a lot of birdies by poisoning them. Obviously, he didn't take too kindly to Bird-E-Vun and Bird-E-Tu driving all their little birdie friends away. The hunter first tried calling Bird-E-Vun a liar, and tried to drive her away. He called her names and tried to get her to keep her beak shut. When his tricks didn't work, he decided to trap all the little birdies that were helping Bird-E-Vun and Bird-E-Tu, using nets.

Even when Bird-E-Tu found himself caught in a net, he refused to stop telling his birdie friends that the pile of bird-seed was poisonous. This tale of bravery quickly spread far and wide across the jungle, and soon every birdie was talking about Bird-E-Vun and Bird-E-Tu. One by one, birdies arrived from around the jungle to help our birdie friends. The hunter used this opportunity to trap more little birdies. Seeing this, hundreds of little birdies gathered around the nets and helped lift them off the ground, freeing Bird-E-Tu and all the other little birdies that had got caught. Hundreds more descended on the hunter and started pecking at him. The hunter, scared to see so many birdies suddenly coming after him, turned around and ran far, far away from the jungle, never to trouble the little birdies again.

And all the little birdies lived happily together again.

And it was just the beginning...

Moral of the story: Don't try to stop free speech. Or we'll come after you.

This post may be a little premature, but I believe it will happen. Don't you?


Megamind said...

Yes, Rajest, I too believe it will happen. The entire episode is in very bad taste. The comments left in Rashmi's blog by the crooks posting as students were a real stinker. And, Gaurav's courageous step to stand by his principles even when his lucrative job at IBM was at stake, is indeed laudable. Truly, Rashmi and Gaurav deserve the support of the entire blogger community. And, by God, IIPM should know who they are up against.

the One said...

Well said. And yes, it must happen.

babelfish said...

I believe.
We may not be fighting for freedom, justice, reasonably priced love or a hard-boiled egg but this is one time truth will win.

shubho bijoya, by the way :)

Devdutt said...

Breaking news:

Peter Drucker bequeaths his entire estate to ponytailed hunter after running out of toilet paper mid-way thru "Count your sheep before they jump the fence".
Will announce his heir with a full page spread in a leading(sic) english language daily.

Anonymous said...

Good one RJA! I too believe it'll reach the only conclusion it deserves.

Long time since I came to your blog. How are you doing?

Teleute said...

err, completely irrelevant to this post, but would you mind having your 55 words stories posted here with a link back to your blog?

Rajesh J Advani said...

loverBoy: Let's hope the episode also teaches others not to take bloggers for granted next time.

The One: Definitely

Babelfish: Is that another Pratchett line? It sounds familiar :) Btw, The only discworld book I've not read yet, is "Thud". :) And I own all of them other than "Lords and Ladies" and "Thud" :)

Devdutt: LOL!

TII: Long time no see, definitely :) How have you been? I noticed your tag, btw, but haven't had a chance to blog properly in a long time.

Teleute: I'd be honored!

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